Introduction to Stammering

Hello friends and fellow fighters,

 Today I am going to share with you a few tips that I found out to be very valuable in helping me fight my stammer. But before fighting this problem, you will have to first accept it. Unless you accept that you have the problem, you will always be in self-deniability.

 Given below are the brief analysis of the most common problems faced by the people who suffer from such problems. I have tried my best to include my experiences in such a way that they may be useful to anyone who seriously tries  to implement them in their lives.

 1.How to deal with those who make fun of you?

Perhaps, the most common problem faced by a person who stammers is people making fun of him. It really hurts if someone mocks your speech. I was always made fun of in my school, at parties, at social events etc. However, I never got discouraged by these comments. In fact, I am grateful to the people who made fun of me because they made me realize how important are soft skills like fluent speech in today’s world. If they had not made me realise it, who knows, I would never have accomplished anything in life.

2. Methods to fight stammer:

 I think the best way to fight stammer is through yoga and meditation. I have been regularly meditating since the past few months and I have seen tremendous improvement in my speech fluency. Moreover, speech therapy also helps to encounter this problem.


 3. Step out of your comfort zone:

I believe that the best way to do something helpful to fight stammer is to do something which you have previously not done out of fear of stuttering. For example, Participate in speech competitions, MUNs, debates etc. Expose yourself to such stressful environments so much that you ultimately become fearless and confident.


 4. Talk to yourself:

Daily talk to yourself in the mirror. Trust me, it really helps. Even expert speech therapists recommend this as an effective remedy to fight stammer Talk about your feelings, talk about your thoughts, about your day – In short talk about anything you wish as long as it is spoken loudly in front of the mirror.


5. Read, sing and think loudly:

 While reading any good book, while listening to your favorite song and while thinking anything, do it loudly (as long as you don’t disturb others!!:D:D ). Studies have shown that reading and humming loudly is also an effective remedy.


 6. Think Positive:

 Always think positive. No matter what, never get discouraged or disheartened. Positive thinking can prove to be your greatest weapon in fighting this demon. Always say to yourself in the mirror that “I WILL NOT STAMMER!!” every night before going to bed and first thing in the morning after waking up.


Hope this helps. Follow these steps properly, and I am sure that you will be cured of this!!


Over the next few blogs, I would be explaining in detail importance of each step. So stay tuned!


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