Therapy: Do you need it?

                                     I remember when I was in class 4, my parents decided to consult a speech therapist  for my problem. I was actually not particularly thrilled at the prospect of meeting a doctor who’d cure me of my problem – I accepted the fact that I had the problem but never believed that it was as serious as consulting a doctor for it. Nonetheless, I went along with my parents just to make them happy. My mom and I would go the clinic everyday at 6:30 PM for the therapy sessions. The doctor was a jolly young fellow. He’d tell me to sit beside him and ask me about my day. I used to tell him all the activities I did that day and would further talk to him about new movies, TV shows, books and almost everything. He seemed to be interested in whatever I had to speak (Of course, at that time, I was too young to know that we were paying him to act interested in me and talk to me). The only rule was that I had to speak very, very slow. If I stuttered for a moment, I’d have to repeat the entire process again!

                                                  This continued for a couple of days  until I was sick and tired of the sessions. I told my mother, “Mom, I don’t think I really need any therapy. I can beat this by myself. I don’t need any doctor to tell me how should I speak!”. Seeing my determination, she agreed to stop the sessions.Finally,  I had a sigh of relief! The approach of “Taking It Slow” was neither very appealing nor quite effective. As it turns out, It was only a waste of time and money.

                                                     Truth be told, I had a very bad experience with therapy. My speech didn’t improve a bit and neither did I develop any confidence or motivation for this struggle. Of course, several people may disagree with my opinion about therapy but Hey! just because it didn’t work out with me doesn’t mean it won’t work for anybody! Many people have indeed been cured by the therapy. So if you feel that it is important for you to consult a specialist, don’t let my experience stop you from doing that! Go ahead! Do what your heart tells you. Especially in such cases, the only thing you can trust is the voice of your heart. Best of Luck! Have a great day!

                                         “Impossible itself sounds I M Possible”

P.S. Sorry for this cliche and irritating quote; but nothing seems to come to my mind at the moment.


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