Yoga and Meditation

Hello dear fighters,

                                 You all must have heard that Yoga and Meditation do wonders in one’s life. Well. I think you should totally believe that and start considering taking up Yoga seriously, if you want to get rid of your stutter quickly and effectively. I was lucky enough to be born in India, the Yoga Capital of the world. Yoga seems to be embedded in our very Indian DNA! Just for instance, we had Yoga as a compulsory subject till Class 8!

                                Initially, I wan’t aware about the benefits of Yoga and Meditation. To me, it was all some sort of non-sense breathing exercise, which required a lot of patience (who the hell can sit silently for 15 whole minutes and do nothing else but breathe?). But my life changed totally, when I attended this Summer Meditation Camp, located 10 miles away from the city. We woke up everyday at 4:30, started meditation at 5:00, which, by the way, continued till 6:30. It was followed by several “asanas” (postures adopted in performing hatha yoga) and non-stop chanting of the word “Om” for the entire morning! Now this may all sound quite creepy to you, but believe me, once you’re habituated to it, you won’t be able to live a single day without it. 

                               The greatest change I felt in myself, during those 8 days, was that, suddenly, out of nowhere, my energy levels increased to insane heights. I could study non-stop for an entire period of 5 hours, without catching a break of going to pee. This new found energy, not only improved my vibe and personality, but also had a tremendous effect on my speech. I felt a renewed confidence in my abilities. My speech, which was normally filled with lots of pauses and struggle, suddenly became quite smooth and effortless. I began to stammer less and talk more! Yoga gave me the biggest gift in my life! Looking back, the magic which Yoga and Meditation did, according to me, was to calm me down. Since childhood, I had an hyper-active brain, which was also the cause of my stuttering. I used to have so many thoughts to express, in a single moment, that they all seemed to come out together, which caused a huge accident and I would ultimately end up without uttering a single word! It is like when your smartphone crashes, when you open too many apps on it. Therefore, what Yoga did, was that it slowed down my thought process, allowing more time for every thought to come out and get expressed. Having realized this, I suddenly felt suddenly felt like an idiot! I felt guilty of not having heeded my parents’ advice to try Yoga. I tried so many approaches to fight stammer, while the most effective remedy, was standing right in front of me!

This whole Yoga thing taught me a very important lesson – “One should always be open to learning new things”, regardless of whether it is as small as learning to use a new smartphone or as big as Fighting Your Stammer. Anyway, I don’t want to go into all that philosophy stuff. I have provided you a basic list of Yoga Asanas and Meditation Exercises. 30 minutes a day (preferably early morning) of breathing exercises and asanas is enough for beginners.

  1. Padmasana (Lotus Position)
  2. Roaring Lion Pose           
  3. Pranayama                        
  4. Meditation Techniques 
  5. Meditation for beginners


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. 


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