Fear of Stammering

Hello dear fighters,

I am pleased to know that some of you have been seriously reading my blogs and sending me questions. I woul love to answer any doubts that you have. The given question was submitted to me by a fellow fighter who has been stuttering for the past 20 years! He says that he is scared and devastated because of his problem. I have given him some valuable tips, which I think, you may also find to be interesting:


Dear X,


                                         Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am glad you replied me with your query. Regarding your question, well there is nothing to be afraid if you stammer. In fact, one of the biggest motivating factors of my fight with this stammering problem is that you should never be afraid about it. You know, I had developed this approach called”The Brute Force Method”. This word actually belongs to the world of algorithms where you try every possible approach to a problem until you get a solution. Guess what! I implemented it in my life! I began to participate in Public Speaking Competitions. I challenged myself to the greatest levels possible. Initially, I used to get terrified by the mere prospect of standing in front of the entire class and giving a speech. But you know what, over the years, as I began to participate more and more in such competitions, my fear gradually ebbed out. A couple of years later (from the time I first participated in such an event), I was actually looking forward to public speaking. My fear had vanished completely. However, it must be noted here that I took almost 5 long years to drain out this fear from my mind because I had no resources (like the website Fight Your Stammer) to get such valuable tips! :D


                                       Anyway, coming back to your question, I think you should expose yourself to the unknown, which you have not done before solely due to your fears – “What would the people think if I start stammering on the stage?” and many similar questions would come to your mind when you think of taking up any such challenges. But trust me, worrying about other people is the BEST thing you can do to SCREW UP your life! You should never be concerned by what that guy sitting in the front row would think about me or would my cute girl sitting in the fourth row ever go out with me again if I embarrass myself in front of all these people (Well, probably you can be concerned in the second case! ;) ) – Would you let that guy or the cute girl decide your future? Do you want to stammer for the rest of your life? Are you such a big coward that you would rather prefer to lead the rest of life with this horrible problem than to fight against it? If the answer to any of the above question is NO, then please, my friend, buckle up and get ready to FIGHT! It’s your life. Who are they to decide about it?


And finally, IT IS OKAY TO FAIL! Nobody in this world has ever succeeded in their pursuits without failing. You will definitely fail for the first few times you take up this approach. But believe me, if you make this journey despite the failures, if you fight bravely, regardless of the obstacles, then my friend, NO FORCE IN THIS WORLD CAN STOP YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR DREAM!



Hope you found something useful from my tips!




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